Wakaba*Girl Episode #08 Anime Review

Wakaba*Girl Episode #08 Anime Review Culture festivals are hard work.

What They Say:
Wakaba looks like an elegant rich daughter, but she aspires to be like a trendy “gyaru”. Moeko is a pure, innocent and fairy-tale-like girl. Mao is capricious and behaves in her own way. Nao used to be an athletic type of girl, but has now become a fujoshi who loves boys love.

The Review:
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Having connected with the other girls a lot more during the summer break, the show shifts us back to school where Wakaba is excited about the next big rite of passage that she’s missed out on. Naturally, it’s one that almost any anime fan is overly familiar with as the cultural festival is coming up. For a sheltered girl like Wakaba, one who has a pretty serious curfew about her at that, this is something that could give her a bigger taste of freedom on top of what she’s already had. But it also offers up a lot of fun new experiences for her with her friends, which is something that she craves more than anything else when you get down to it.

With Mao writing the script for the play that the class is putting on for the cultural festival, there’s some fun stress going on there, especially as she goes on about the part for Moe. A lot of this is familiar stuff to be sure, though we always get someone working harder than everyone else and that falls to poor Mashiba – though you suspect she secretly enjoys it. Mashiba gets some decent attention here, especially as she asks the others to rate her, and getting into her head a bit with how she thinks is pretty fun. When she goes and struts her stuff and gets all confident you have to love it, though it doesn’t go quite as she’d hoped, resulting in her doing a much harder transformation that rightly freaks everyone out in a great way. Poor, poor, Mashiba.

In Summary:
Wakaba*Girl plays to some of the familiar line items that every cultural festival episode must have, but it manages to do it in a cute enough way because of the pacing and the characters as we know them. The show gives us some adorable moments for almost all of them, Wakaba more so at the end, but it gives a lot of its focus to Mashiba. She’s not exactly been under served in the series but she’s had less overall than the others. Here, she gets to have some real fun, often at her own expense, that makes you laugh – right through the credits with an ice water challenge.

Grade: B

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