Diabolik Lovers Episode #05 Anime Review

Diabolik Lovers Episode #05 Anime Review

Diabolik Lovers Episode 5

And further down into despair Yui goes.

What They Say:
Kanato finds Yui in the rose garden as she tries to sort out the new information about who betrayed her and gave her up as a sacrifice. He beckons her to follow him so he may show off a graveyard containing the grave of his mother. Assuming he would like some time alone, Yui attempts to leave which only infuriates Kanato with misplaced anger. Reeling from this experience, Yui wanders through the estate, and becomes worried when she hears groans coming from Reiji’s room. Much to her folly, she enters the room to see if he needs help

The Review:
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Yui’s descent into darkness continues to be intriguing to watch as we got some hints in the previous episode about what’s going on when it comes to the boys apparent father. Spending most of the episode with a couple of the guys toying with her in different ways follows some of the structure of what’s been established, but it allowed two very different types of young men to have their time with her, though it had an obvious focus on one more than the other. But in the end, it’s still all about Yui as she copes with what they bring to the table with her and seeing her reactions and attempts to hold firm against it has definitely bee interesting to watch.

Kanato had his part in the previous episode, but he was passed over as it went on, which was frustrating as I wanted to see more of him. He obviously has a particular look because of his youthful appearance and the teddy bear, but also because of the childish temper tantrums that he throws. That comes out here again as he pushes and pushes against Yui as she attempts to work in the rose garden, but his frustrations are what dominates here. He’s cruel in the way a child is, but swings back to calm and calculated in a way that’s just as disturbing to watch. While the other boys have a particular style about them as well, they also feel like they’re a little more knowledgeable about the real world. When Kanato goes to have a good bit off of her, he realizes that she requires a kiss before being rough with her, which is just creepy and alluring at the same time.

While Kanato gets to have some good screen time here, we also get some very interesting moments with Reiji later on when Yui makes her way back inside and ends up, in her own way, disturbing him. He’s been the most understanding of her situation overall, but that’s not saying a whole lot. So when pushed, we see that he’s just the same as the others, especially since she has such a particular taste that has drawn pretty much all the other young men in the house to her already. He’s not exactly more respectful here, but he’s less cruel and demeaning than the others are, at least until she starts to push back. Of all the ones she’s had to deal with, it’s amusing that the one that is in his own way trying to be nice is the one that gets her attempt at fighting back against.

In Summary:
Though we don’t get much in the way of new revelations here, there are a few teases that draw us in more and more, especially with Reiji. The focus on him and Kanato works well in giving us contrasts as to who they are while dealing with the same thing, i.e. Yui. She’s continuing to cope as best as she can but there’s not much in the way of hope for her, even if Reiji seems like he might stand and buck the trend a bit. Kanato is the winner here for me as he gets to be truly creepy and disturbing with his style of feeding on Yui, though Reiji isn’t that far behind since he takes a very different approach than most of the others. The series continues to feel like it’s playing by the script in a predictable way most of the time, but there’s still that edge of a feeling that there’s a twist on its way.

Grade: B+

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