Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls Episode #07 Anime Review

Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls Episode #07 Anime Review Nothing gets men motivated than being told they can’t have smut anymore.

What They Say:
Momoyo is in distress. She has nothing to do, no one to fight. Her life has slowed to a halt. As Momoyo wanders around the city, trouble starts to brew in the shadows as a massive plot unfolds. Things start to come to light when Yamato runs into the conspirators.

The Review:
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With a decent sized cast as we do have for the series, it’s somewhat surprising that they haven’t spent more time focusing on the various characters more by giving them their own episodes. That gets dealt with a bit this time around though as Momoyo is the center of attention, which is what she prefers. Though she’s not the type that wants everyone to pay attention to her, she is the type that wants challengers and challenges in her life. She’s come so far in defeating opponents that there’s almost nobody left to go against and even the random arrivals that would come into town seeking her out are no longer there. It’s certainly a frustrating thing for her to be like this and to feel like she has nothing to do. Well, there’s always Yamato to bother.

The show has some cute moments early on as she tries to get a bit more girly around him, but it all turns in a very different direction in the second half. Those in charge of the school have discovered that there’s a porn epidemic on campus due to what’s been found in the trash so the whole thing has turned into a huge purge effort that the student council has to be involved in as well as all students. And not many male students want to give up their porn to be sure. Having this run in parallel to what Momoyo is going through gives both of the storylines a surprisingly serious feel since you have Yamato going on an investigation to see where all the smut is coming from.

In Summary:
After the previous episode in which I felt hugely guilty for laughing so much and so often, Majikoi Oh goes in a more serious direction for the most part here and is a bit more character driven, but that’s not saying much. It works towards expanding on a group that we’ve seen before in the shadows who are now operating at the moment as porn smugglers, something that in itself is amusing to have. But for the most part, the episode feels like it really doesn’t have a distinct and clear voice about what it wants to be. It ties things together as one would expect, but it lacks a kind of strong voice to bring it all together cleanly and in an enjoyable way. There are moments to like, but nothing that stands out and says that it’s as good as it should be.

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Grade: C

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