Chris Pratt, James Gunn & Kevin Feige Talk ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Chris Pratt, James Gunn & Kevin Feige Talk ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ AMC Movie Talk hosted a roundtable yesterday that brought in Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios with director James Gunn and actor Chris Pratt to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s an extensive sit-down that runs for just over thirty-five minutes that kicks off with some of the expected bits where they talk about what the movie is and the general premise of it before it delves into some of the more more interesting questions.

Of interest is the way a lot of people felt when Chris Pratt was cast as we hear how James Gunn didn’t even want the “chubby guy from Parks and Rec” to come in for it.

“I said, ‘No, no, no!’” Gunn recalled. “We went through a lot of people, and we saw a lot of really good actors. I was looking for somebody who inhabited the role, but really went beyond it, like Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man.” Eventually, the casting director essentially slipped Pratt in. “He was maybe reading for 20 seconds, and I went, ‘Holy God.’ He was the one, I just knew it,” Gunn concluded.

There’s a lot of interesting nuggets in here in general, with Feige talking about how some characters here will cross to Earth, which basically gives us the nod that it’ll be mostly Thanos and his ilk, but also the hopes of expanding more more of the space based characters as even Starhawk gets a nod as having potential. Check it out below.


[Source: IGN ]