Three More ‘Seiyu’s Life’ Anime Closing Sequences Now Streaming

Three More ‘Seiyu’s Life’ Anime Closing Sequences Now Streaming The summer series Seiyu’s Life has finished up and we’re doing a little clean-up with some newly added bits that have come out for it from FUNimation. After bringing out the previous ending sequences for streaming, FUNimation has now brought out the seventh and eighth ones, and we’ve included the fifth one that we missed as well. Each of the endings changes things up a bit with a little something in the background, though they all use the same main animation and song. It’s called Into Your Ears and is performed by EARPHONES, which is made up of the voice actresses in the show with Marika Kouno, Rie Takahashi and Yuki Nagaku.

FUNimation simulcasts the series on Tuesday’s at 4:30pm ET for viewers.

Based on the manga by creators are Kenjiro Hata of Hayate the Combat Butler and voice actress Masumi Asano, the dojin Sore ga Seiyuu is making the leap to anime form with Gonzo animating the project.

The cast for the series includes Rie Takahashi as Futaba Ichinose, Marika Kōno as Rin Kohana and Yuki Nagaku as Ichigo Moesaki. The staff for the show has Hiroshi Ikehata directing it based on the series composition and scripting by Michiko Yokote and character designs by Yukari Hashimoto.

The manga, which had its first release from the circle that the two write and draw within, came out first in 2011 and have had new issues arrive with subsequent Comic Market events

Plot concept: Follow a rookie seiyu in her first steps into the world of professional voice acting! She might be unsure of herself, but Futaba Ichinose is ready to make it as a professional seiyu. She meets Ichigo Moesaki, an actress who won’t stop until she’s an idol seiyu who not only acts but also enchants audiences with singing and dancing performances. These two rookies are joined by Rin Kohana, who is already a seasoned professional who made her debut when she was 5, who has a middle school life while working as a professional seiyu.