‘Inazuma Eleven’ Soccer Anime Debuts On Hulu In Spanish & English

‘Inazuma Eleven’ Soccer Anime Debuts On Hulu In Spanish & English Originally airing in Japan in 2008 based off of the game franchise of the same name, Hulu has now added the first twenty-six episode of Inazuma Eleven to its service. Coming from Arait Multimedia, the series is getting release in both Spanish and English language form for these episodes. The original series ran for a hundred and twenty-seven episodes and has had a few series past that as well, so it’ll be interesting to see how much has been done this way to get released. The series has seen a lot of success in Japan and even spawned a movie back in 2010.

Plot concept: The members of Raimon Jr High’s soccer team, led by Mark Evans, dream of winning the National Championship. To achieve their dream they must defeat the best teams in the country, among which there is the Jude Sharp team, Royal Academy, who have already won the tournament on several occasions. Although initially they feel discouraged due to being only seven players, Mark succeeds in getting Axel Blaze, an excellent player who had long abandoned the game, to join them. They will base their training on Mark’s grandfather “super-techniques notebook”, who was goalkeeper on the Inazuma Eleven legendary team. They will participate in the competition knowing that if they lose, the team will be dissolved permanently and Mark’s hopes to honor the original members of Inazuma Eleven will vanish forever. With much effort, overcoming all their fears and learning to better themselves, they will manage to surprise the opposing teams.