Hunter X Hunter Episode #148 Anime Review (Series Finale)

Hunter X Hunter Episode #148 Anime Review (Series Finale)

Hunter X Hunter Episode 148

It all comes down to this.

What They Say:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

The Review:
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As we get to the series finale here, it’s definitely been an interesting arc for the last several weeks with the election and all that it entails. We got to see some neat inner workings of the Hunter Association that has lost its powerful and longtime leader in Netero, the different factions that exist and some of the changes that a number of Hunters want to put into effect to do what they think will either help them, the organization, both or just aspects that need to be modernized. We also got a lot of really good material with Killua and his family as he did everything he could to try and save Gon’s life after the events on the NGL. But with that largely resolved for the moment, Gon’s parental material touched upon in a good way and a kind of calming down of events, we go into the series finale that’s caught up to the manga for the most part with a sense of looking at the past, the present and the future.

With Gon being back on track and spending traveling time with Killua and Alluka, he gives himself the right kind of challenge during one of their stays when he sees a tree beyond all trees to climb that’s part of a massive tourist attraction. With his connection to nature being what it is, uit’s no surprise that he’s eager to go and climb it and reconnect there so high above the world and so close to things. He’s got the natural skill to do so and we even see how he helps a few other climbers along the way to make sure they’re safe. It’s simple stuff in watching him climb, but it works so well in speaking to what kind of character he is. Of course, there has to be some real comedy along the way as well with the kind of huge baby birds that are up there, which are utterly adorable to look at and really do fit into the kind of comical parts of the series that exists. But it also ties into the serious side as this is where his father Ging is waiting for him.

The pair have an interesting time talking atop the world as they are, though it’s Ging that does most of it as he takes a big picture view of things that Gon translates into his relationships with his friends that he’s had since the Hunter Exam. There’s a lot to like with this very extended father and son moment as Ging talks about where life is going to take them on their paths, that they’ll cross again and that they’ll both see such wonderful things that they really have to take in and enjoy the world ahead of them. Their relationship is certainly not the norm to be sure, but you can see why it works so well considering the personalities involved. There’s a lot of good stuff here, and an interesting extended montage for what could come next that I hope we see eventually. But mostly, what we get here is the kind of closure to the series start that really works well.

In Summary:
With the episode focused pretty much on just dialogue between Gon and Gin, it’s not something that leaps out and smacks you over the head with how great it is. But for those that have followed it for so long and understand the relationship that exists between the two and the whole motivation of Gon going out into the world, it’s the kind of father and son talk that really hits all the right notes. The two have a lot of fun here but also some really good quality time in a serious way that leaves you grinning over all of it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series for the most part, some weak areas along the way, and I’m thrilled that a property that was largely forgotten for so many years got a proper and respectful quality remake that went the distance. This is a fantastic series that really needs to be seen and enjoyed and I’m hopeful for a license pickup someday with a full dub. It’s definitely a shelf worthy series.

Grade: A-

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