Majestic Prince Episode #02 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode #02 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode 2

The team become celebrities, but there’s still a lot of work ahead to deal with.

What They Say:
Having protected Undina Base, Team Rabbits is now being recognized as a group of young heroes. But life isn’t easy in the limelight. Will they be able to do their jobs with all of these reporters hounding at them?

The Review:
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With the opening episode having through the Team Rabbits group into the war earlier than they would be otherwise, and using equipment that they were able to really outperform with, the gang is now pretty much well recognized heroes due to the media promotion of them. Their efforts to defend the Undina Base was something that played out oddly in the first episode with the way they were thrust into it, and the general ages of the characters as well, but the world has reacted positively to what they’ve seen and feel has happened. All of this makes it easier for the Majestic Prince project to move forward without being bound by what it was doing before and there’s a good sense that there are layers to this moving along that will make a bigger impact later on.

While the meeting with the press is pretty much classic Japanese material with how such things are handled, they do make some things clear about how there’s a special academy program in place for training future officer candidates and that they can’t reveal much about the hardware because of its secret nature. While most of the kids involved handle things rather well, keeping quiet and stoic faces about it, there is some amusing moments that get slid into it as well since you can’t always control people this age like you might want to. I do love that they have a Nico Nico commenting moment here that shows us just how all of that looks in this kind of social media blasting form. In general though, the kids handle things well and there’s not a lot of repercussions from their involvement in things at this stage.

Not surprisingly, the military makes good use of the team, now being referenced as Majestic Princes, in order to garner more media time and raise their overall profile while doing some work in space. Of course, there’s a mix of entertainment coming into it with how the cameras ade made more important and the way the kids have to act, making them a bit more glorified than the job actually requires, and there’s a certain level of discomfort with all of that. There’s some strain from within the command side in addition to the kids, which is nice to see, but naturally it all has to be pushed aside for a bigger combat moment in order to solidify once again the bad guys and the way the team itself works. Which is decent enough, but the show is still really missing out on making me feel like I know these characters since they’ve done little more than sit around or fight without expressing who they are.

In Summary:
Majestic Prince is a show that has my attention for its look, both in the actual animation of the mecha that they use and the character designs, but it’s taking a slow approach to winning me over with the characters themselves. This episode doesn’t do much to humanize the cast – they barely even speak each other’s names for the most part – and there’s just a sense of distance between the viewer and the show at this stage. The show certainly has some interesting ideas to work with and it has the time to explore them as well, but it’s made the characters one dimensional at this point without even a lot of personality to work with. The show has a lot going for it and I’m curious and hopeful to see it turn into something as the season goes on.

Grade: C

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