Naruto: Shippuden Episode #426 Anime Review

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #426 Anime Review Dreamtime.

What They Say:
Madara activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and anyone exposed to the light of the full moon–including shinobi and ordinary citizens–loses consciousness. Once ensnared, there is no escape from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Will mankind be destined to live in a dreamworld forever?

The Review:
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Madara’s rise to power has been awkwardly documented over the course of the series and with its heavier push in the Shippuden property to really establish it, it’s felt rather unbalanced. A lot of that is owed to typical shonen pacing and the downsides of a popular show being drawn out in order to cope with not getting ahead of the manga. With the recent Madara episodes, we’ve gotten a good sense of his power and it’s worked well, though there are times where you wonder if some past opponents have been more dangerous and more powerful. Such is the problem in a show that can be distilled down to powerful people getting more powerful to defeat other powerful people. Madara’s had the potential and the need to be the top run of things and he’s displayed it well so far.

With his plan moving along surprisingly easily at this point with the moon out and the power of the Tsukuyomi behind him now, the sense of dread is definitely there among those watching this event play out. Both Naruto and Sasuke are doing what they can to try and pus back against him, but we also see the strain that exists between them as they haven’t worked together in so very long. Though they can be top of the line together, there’s a disarray of sorts that exists. It’s not distrust but it comes from Sasuke working along for so long and Naruto being one that’s had to step up above and beyond everyone else for the important fights that he’s used to fighting the big fight alone. But when Madara finally pulls out his big move with the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the world that they’re all in changes in an instant.

The shift to this world that feels like it’s stuck in a still state has an interesting aura about it, especially as some are far more aware than others of what’s going on. Freeing Yamato is a moment that’s certainly curious as he comes across as though he’s ready to have a breakdown after being stuck as he was for so long. There’s some nice moments to this at times but there’s also a lot of other little elements that comes into it that adds to the whole dreamlike aspect of everything. Spending some time with Yamato is certainly welcome considering he’s been off screen for so long, but in the end the action and what it serves with the fight against Kabuto and Kakashi’s being sucked up just doesn’t resonate all that well since there’s a sense of distrust about everything that we see at this stage.

In Summary:
While we get some decent material here with Yamato as we get him back in the game for the moment, in a sense, most of what populates this episode is the dream world material now that Madara’s plan has gone fully into motion. There’s a really good sense of unease about it and the eerie nature of it, particularly in the final minutes, is spot on. But there’s also that drawn out feeling of what can happen in this dream state that can be taken advantage of and made more of than it should be. You can see easily enough how things will turn in the big picture of course, but the smaller movements here are just not that compelling – no matter how glad I am to see Yamato again after all this time.

Grade: B-

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