Tonari no Seki-Kun Episode #15 Anime Review

Tonari no Seki-Kun Episode #15 Anime Review

Tonari no Seki-kun Episode 15

Can Goto fill in for Yokoi with her imagination?

What They Say:
Class is in session at a certain high school. While the teacher isn’t looking, a boy named Seki-kun is playing games by himself on his desk, while the girl who sits next to him, Yokoi-san, observes (or interferes or participates). Each time, Seki-kun’s games reach unimaginable levels… And this time the game is…

The Review:
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With as varied as school can be throughout the day with classes and schedules, it’s nice that we do see that the series changes things up enough. This time around, we get an art class episode where they’ve got their carving assignments ahead of them but it gives us something a little different as instead of Yokoi for the majority of it, we get Goto sitting behind him and she sees him setting up a paper sumo game to play with, using a mecha sumo wrestler and a normal one. With Goto providing the narration, we get the fun of Seki’s paper sumo matches but she views it as a breakup between Yokoi and Seki played out through the game and it just drives her crazy to think of her friend in such a bad place and unable to participate. It’s definitely cute and fun, especially with the Yokoi gag that comes into play in ghostly form towards the end.

In Summary:
While Yokoi does get to make her appearance, this episode is all about Goto and it’s definitely cute to see how she views the world and Seki. Some will lament the lack of Yokoi narration and what she brings to the table in making Seki’s shenanigans come alive, but it’s useful to bring in others as well from time to time in order to accent it a bit. Goto’s views with the relationship filter on everything is definitely cute and there’s a lot to like here as Seki goes all paper sumo wrestling time during art class.

Grade: B

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