Hugh Jackman Being Sought For Huntsman Role

Hugh Jackman Being Sought For Huntsman Role There’s an interesting piece out of Deadline New York this afternoon that’s playing to certain things that have been going on with the once very eagerly anticipated but now stalled The Wolverine film from Fox. With the exit of Darren Aronofsky from the director’s chair and the uncertainty of what’s needed and available in Japan, Universal is apparently making a play to try and fill in Hugh Jackman’s schedule with the role of the huntsman in their incarnation of Snow White and the Huntsman. That role was originally being pursued for Viggo Mortensen who recently dropped out of the running for a few different reasons. Jackman’s schedule has its openings and depending on what Fox wants to do, he may have the opportunity. As the Deadline piece notes, Fox has two heavy summers coming up this year and next and they may not be in a huge rush to make The Wolverine when the opportunity to make it right is available.