Reynolds Promises ‘space epic’ For ‘Green Lantern,’ Lively Loves Star Sapphire Idea

Reynolds Promises ‘space epic’ For ‘Green Lantern,’ Lively Loves Star Sapphire Idea The LA Times has two pieces up today talking about Green Lantern from very different angles. In the first piece, they get to Reynolds while at CinemaCon and ask him about some of the backlash that has come out from the trailer last year about how it seemed like it would be more of a comedy than the space epic that it’s supposed to be. Reynolds hasn’t said too much about the movie overall as he works through his busy slate of projects, but he’s definitely defending the work overall, and considering his feelings on Green Lantern and other characters like Deadpool, and how close he is to the project, we’re hoping he’s right:

“They were worried about it,”he says. “I think people should have their opinions. Fanboys are known to have a very loud voice. They’re known to beat their chest hard when they like or dislike something, and that’s all part of the game. I know, because I was an integral part of the shooting process, that the movie is not a comedy at all. There’s definitely a few funny moments in it. The levity is really kind of more in a Han Solo kind of vein than anything broader.

On the flip side, there’s a separate piece that gets Blake Lively into the picture as she takes on the role of Carol Ferris for the Green Lantern movie, a character which has a definite role in the comics world that could be interesting to see occur in the films, particularly due to the costume of it. And Lively is definitely aware of it, as she says:

“In this film, Carol is completely human and on earth. But she turns into a villain in the later comics, so potentially if it became a franchise I’d get to explore that, which would be so much fun,” she said. “I would love that. What you don’t see [in this film] is when they’re kids. They’re each other’s first loves. Where the movie picks up, they’re ex-lovers. So there is that tension — that rivalry — but also that love. They’re each other’s soulmates.”