Agent Carter Season 1 Episode #03 – Time and Tide Review

Agent Carter Season 1 Episode #03 – Time and Tide Review

Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 3

Jarvis’ past comes to light, with a little regular prodding.

What They Say:
Time and Tide – As Agent Carter gets closer to Stark’s stolen technology, her secret mission could be unraveled by an SSR arrest.

The Review:
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The first two episodes of Agent Carter provided us with a good arc overall for what it wanted to do while also showing us the foundations of the season ahead of us. There’s a lot of established aspects of it already, at least for fans of the movies, but it also made itself extremely accessible for new fans as well, which was a big plus. There’s a bit of campy and awkward material as well, but part of that is owed to its kind of comic book origins as well as just trying to be a bit of an old school serial when it comes to the action as well, which is appreciated. The attention to detail in the set design and costumes was definitely a big plus to it all though, something that’s harder to do with Agents of SHIELD since it’s going with a modern organization.

The cold open for this episode gives us a bit more of a taste of life for a woman in the 1940’s now that Peggy has settled into her new place and is doing what she can to try and figure out the symbol that she got the last time. Research is always a good thing, though a bit harder without the Internet, but her time gets a bit more complicated when a guy named Jimmy is climbing into her window, though he was trying to get to the apartment next door. It’s a cute bit in showing how far guys will go, and how much the women will fall for it. Other than Peggy, since she thought it was just a threat. To balance that, we get the SSR guys continuing their investigation, which has lead them to a temporary apartment that may contain new clues. The guys aren’t bad at their job to be sure and they’ve found a few pieces of interesting technology there that we’ve seen before.

Peggy’s main job right now of figuring things out with Stark’s technology has her pursuing a new avenue to try and gain some understanding. With a fun idea given to her by her own landlady, she’s intent on figuring out how the vault was broken into, which should provide clues about what happened and where the perpetrators may have gone from there. While she’s got the right idea, the timing is off as the other SSR officers have made their way there after discovering Stark’s care in the Roxxon wreckage. She has to hide, which is kept simple and without gimmicks, while Jarvis gets hauled down to be interrogated over things. It’s amusing to see how he handles it, being calm and collected about it, and then having Peggy watching through the one way window. It’s old school stuff but it has some nice pacing to it and the right kind of tension as we learn more of Jarvis’ past, including his dishonorable discharge after avoiding treason charges.

There’s some good stuff with it overall as we get Peggy trying to save Jarvis from things going worse, especially since Agent Thompson has some strong goods on him in general about his past and how it can be used to deport him and his wife from the country. That’s something that gets Peggy in a good bit of trouble, but she’s intent on just doing right by Howard at this point. Peggy knows she needs him free since she needs to get into the vault, which in the dark of night makes for a pretty fun time as they make their way to the sewer to figure it all out. There’s a few tricks to it to be sure, but it’s just enjoyable to see the banter between the two while also the way she nudges him that she’ll get to his secrets no matter what.

The investigation works well for establishing a bit more trust between the two, but it also leads to them figuring out where the technology was likely transported out to before being moved on from there. When they see the symbol on it that Brannis had drawn in the dirt before he died, it certainly makes it a given to check it out more thoroughly. Finding all of the technology does happen rather easily, but finding it all just complicates things even more. Peggy just wants to get it all called in and be done with it, but Jarvis makes it clear that she can’t be upfront about this, that she can’t get credit for it and she can’t be complicit in it because it would make her even more suspect because of her relationship with Stark. She at least makes sure that Sousa is the one to get the call, having Jarvis make it under a false voice which is just hysterical all in itself. Of course, things don’t go easy for Peggy since while she’s waiting, that’s when the Leviathan agent that’s been stalking her heads in to take her out and to gain the gear.

We’ve seen Peggy fight before, and she’s handled herself well during the war, so it is once again good to see her fight here and do well, though not flawlessly. She takes some real hits, but she also pushes back in a really good way that very much fits with the time period. Watching it all comes together works pretty well, though Sousa’s still the smart one as he realizes that things are basically being handed to them by someone else. Still, there’s a lot to be excited about as they got the gear and someone that saw Peggy, though he isn’t aware of who it was. That gives Krzeminski an idea about what may be going on since the low level thug talks about an English broad. Peggy’s been close to being discovered a few times already, and once again she gets saved here since another car pulls up and ices both of them simply and coldly. This provides some pretty good emotional context for the episode and the show in general, reminding everyone involved that there really is danger in their job. It’s interesting seeing the impact across the office, from the women that run the phones to those that worked with him. It’s something that you don’t always seem played out that way and it’s well done.

In Summary:
While a bit quieter in some ways, Agent Carter has a solid episode that feels like it’s over far too quickly. Which is expected since the last time around we had two episodes! This one was a lot of fun as it played out for the most part as there’s a lot of moving parts going on here but it all comes together well to deal with the technology while also nudging along a few other things as there’s more out there than we’ve seen so far. Peggy is definitely carrying the show very well, but it’s also being helped a lot by Jarvis as the two have a really great working relationship here, some solid banter and a bit of Englishness about them that helps provide a little solace in some ways. They’re building up this era while, showing some aspects of the present in its as well and overall telling some rather fun stories.

Grade: B+