Recorder And Randsell Episode #17 Anime Review

Recorder And Randsell Episode #17 Anime Review Will Sayo finally learn who Atsushi is? Or will she embarrass herself more first?

What They Say:
Atsumi went a little overboard in the kitchen prepping for Atushi and his friends. Sayo drops by and weeps for the wrong person.

The Review:
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Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how small Atsumi is when it comes down to it because in comparison to her friends at school like Sayo, she’s not that short. But when you have Atsushi inviting over his friends and seeing that they’re the same size, it’s made a bit clearer. Atsushi inviting over his friends is a fun piece to this, though Atsumi goes overboard in making sweets for them to enjoy, but it takes a more amusing turn when Sayo does show up and realizes that Atsumi is the one that she saw before that caused her heart to flutter. She hasn’t quite made the connection with who he is and her impassioned plea to him is quite comical considering how he hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about and everyone else is just watching like she’s the weirdest person they’ve ever met.

In Summary:
In a way, it doesn’t say too much for Atsushi if up until this point Sayo hasn’t met her younger brother. Or really told her about the problem that they have. It may be cultural in what’s shared and what’s not shared, but with something as unusual as this you’d imagine a bit more forthrightness. But that doesn’t lead to comedy, which we get here, as the two worlds collide and hopefully we’ll see Sayo get clued in before she does something truly embarrassing for herself and for Atsumi. The series still feels like it’s missing some key ingredients to make it work, even with this short run time, but it has its moments where you just have to grin at the absurdity of it.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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