Encouragement Of Climb Episode #03 Anime Review

Encouragement Of Climb Episode #03 Anime Review It’s time to hit the mountain!

What They Say:
Hinata convinces Aoi they should start with a small mountain and work their way up to the big ones.

The Review:
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With Aoi starting to get her enthusiasm back for mountain climbing after visiting Hinata’s house and seeing her father again, the two are figuring out what to bring for their first climb together. With it being a small mountain since they have to work it gradually, it’s cute to see how Aoi does her best to figure out what to pack and goes all out. At least for herself. What’s more amusing is that when they do hit up their first mountain, it’s pretty tame as even some grade school kids are running through going through all of it. While it may have an elevation higher than Tokyo Tower, it’s an easier climb and one that’s quite scenic and fun. Even though it is a small climb, it still has a good view and it’s the kind of thing that helps to get both girls on track, even if Hinata does go a bit far when it comes to the things you can do up there. It’s cute and simple that helps to reinforce the way the girls get to enjoy the adventure of it all.

In Summary:
Taking the smart approach of working with a smaller mountain first before moving on to bigger things, the girls essentially climb a hill. But it’s still one that lets them enjoy the experience and sets the stage for what’s involved in a minor way. For Aoi, it’s a reminder of what she had liked as a child and this gives her the enthusiasm to really pick it up more. Hinata’s doing it right for the most part in bringing her friend back into the fold, bit by bit since reconnecting with her, and seeing the simplicity and enjoyment they get out of this adventure is definitely well done.

Grade: B

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