Media Factory Sets ‘No Game, No Life’ Japanese Anime DVD/BD Release Schedule

Media Factory Sets ‘No Game, No Life’ Japanese Anime DVD/BD Release Schedule With the series kicking off as part of the spring 2014 anime season, Media Factory has now set the home video release plans for No Game, No Life. The twelve episode series is getting a six volume DVD and Blu-ray release beginning on June 26th, 2014 with two episodes per release as is the norm. The DVD releases will be priced at 6,480 yen each while the Blu-ray releases will be priced at 7,560 yen each. All of the releases will come with a bonus short, character comments and more extras to be announced. The first volume has listed additional extras as the promotional video and the clean opening and closing sequences.

The anime adapts the light novels of the same name by Yuu Kamiya. Kamiya’s name should be a bit familiar as he was behind the art on A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives and began this series with himself as the writer and artist. Five volumes have been released so far and a manga adaptation began back in January with Mashiro Hiiragi handling the artwork for it.

Plot concept: Based off of the light novel by Yuu Kamiya, No Game, No Life centers on a brother- sister hikikomori (shut-in) duo who have notoriously spawned urban legends all over the Internet of their gaming skill. One day, they encounter a boy named “God” who summons them into an alternate world. In this world where war is prohibited, sixteen different races fight for control but competing through various games. Humanity has been driven back to one final city. Will Sora and Shiro be able to save humanity from the brink of extinction?

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