Sket Dance Episode #35 Anime Review

Sket Dance Episode #35 Anime Review Noting says school like quizzes!

What They Say:
The Sket-dan is challenged to a battle of wits by Enigman, the masked President of the Quiz Club (and his lovely assistant Quettion). Later, a drop-dead gorgeous second year comes to the Sket-dan to ask for advice… about love? Can the Sket-dan unravel the enigma of love?

The Review:
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Sometimes you just have to laugh because even the cast of the show feels like they can’t believe what they’re going through. Often they just get into the spirit of things and have fun with it, sometimes even getting really intense with the whole thing, getting behind the people that they’re trying to help. But there are also those rare times when you get that sense that they’re simply resigned to the events at hand and are just going through the motions. You get that at the start here when Bossun just calls out that it’s obvious that they’re just parodying a quiz show format here for the opening storyline.

What gets them going this time around is the arrival of Enigman, the president of the Quiz Club in the school who does the whole Tuxedo Mask style look with a dash of the Riddler thrown in for good measure. He’s ably assisted by his assistant Quettion, yes, Quettion, who provides a little extra female personality to the show as she essentially only says her name in support of the quizzes themselves. She’s the fanservice aspect since she’s got the skimpy outfit with exposed skin. But what’s the whole thing about? Just a series of questions and comical answers done in a big fashion as the Sket Club does their best to answer everything in a competition zone set up on the school roof. There’s a lot of word play, puns and more so there’s things to enjoy on that front, but I have to admit that wordplay puns and the like aren’t as appealing as I found them when I first got into anime and the Japanese language years ago.

The second story is of a different nature which is welcome, though it starts with the fallout of the quiz segment by having the student council clean up the roof which is full of animals. Which has one of them thinking Korean barbeque sounds good… This one deals with a very, very handsome young man who has come to the Sket Club in order to solicit advice on how to deal with a problem with love that he’s dealing with. The guy is comical as he wants to remain nameless but is an utter pretty boy that literally sparkles for a good part of the segment. He’s got a natural problem though as he’s very interested in Quettion, but the two only know each other through their cosplay aspects of the club and he can’t admit to his feelings towards her since he doesn’t know if she’d like the man behind the mask. It’s a cute segment and definitely a much more enjoyable piece than the first half, especially since Bossun basically tells him to just man up already.

In Summary:
While the first half of the episode didn’t do much for me, the second half salvaged it as the characters are fun and I like the situation that they have to deal with since it all comes down to the fact that they just need to be honest with each other. The pairing of Enigman and Quettion certainly has its cute moments and I liked how they did manage to show a bit more of Quettion as it progressed, though the focus is much more on Enigman than anything else. The quiz part of the show in the first half definitely has some fun wordplay to it and some good gags as well which made it fun, even if it doesn’t tickle my fancy like it used to years ago.

Grade: B

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