Space Brothers Episode #48 Anime Review

Space Brothers Episode #48 Anime Review

Space Brothers Episode 48

Survival training for Mutta is going to push him in some new directions, eventually.

What They Say:
The first astronaut candidate task is undergoing a survival training course consisting of a six-day trek through the desert. Meanwhile, Mutta is still worried about Amanti’s reaction after she read his fortune.

The Review:
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After a pretty good group gathering to celebrate what they’ve accomplished and what’s in store, Space Brothers did a nice job of giving us a bit of a slower episode in order to familiarize the new candidates with Houston and the NASA folks a bit, something that was worth doing. The show also took an odd turn when Mutta had his fortune read by Amanti and was all awkward about it, seemingly giving him a positive response when it was something that came across as more of a problem that concerned her. That got to Mutta to be sure and is something that you can see being in the back of his mind in a lot of ways. And in the midst of that gathering, you have Vincent carefully evaluating everyone, something that’s going to be a problem going forward.

With that out of the way, the program now starts getting everyone introduced to Vincent Bold as well as the other instructor, Larry Bison. The initial bit of fun is over and now they’re making it clear that some of these applicants won’t make it through the rest of the program. Vincent fills them in on the two year program, but makes it clear he’s going to have it done in eighteen months instead, which has Mutta really excited since it means he can catch up to Hibito even quicker. Of course, for things to go in this direction, Vincent sets up the survival training aspect far earlier than usually planned in order to trim the fat a bit, as his mindset goes, and he combines it with one of the programs that Larry is running which also takes them to the northwest corner of Texas for some time in the desert.

The survival side is simple in a way where it’s a six day walk seventy kilometers from their starting point to Amarillo. He sets up the teams and leader duties who will be in charge of everything, but there will also be two veterans to advise and make sure things don’t go badly. The advisors are comical since Vincent sets them to be intimidating, but one of them is Lowry and he pretends to not know Mutta, which confuses him. The team that gets set up for Mutta, with Kenji being the leader on the first day, is given the additional challenge of having three women on it instead of the one that the others have. Vincent’s idea of trying to get them to be gender blind in these instances, to force the women to keep up with the men and to make the men not favor them, is certainly an interesting approach and one that does handicap the team mentally in a way.

In Summary:
Space Brothers gets the training phase of the series rolling again after spending so much time away from it. With what we had in the past with the training in Japan and then the lengthy lunar arc, going back to something that took up a lot of time in the beginning of the series feels odd, yet like coming back home as well. Mutta’s got a good focus here but it does continue to be an ensemble piece overall. The welcome change is that it’s more about Vincent in a way and how he’s trying to force out those that he doesn’t think will make good astronauts in his opinion. You can see easily where the arc will go but there’s no problems with that since there’s a lot to like with the approach and what the end results will be.

Grade: B

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