‘Snowpiercer’ Finally Gets Release Date

‘Snowpiercer’ Finally Gets Release Date With a whole lot of back and forth for awhile about how to recut the film for North American distribution, Snowpiercer has finally gotten its release date. And unless it’s getting a pretty staggered rollout, it’s not going to go well when it does land as it’s hitting on June 27th, 2014. That’s the same day that Transformers: Age of Extinction comes out, which after its billion plus box office run with the third installment, will be taking over the vast majority of screens out there. So if it lands in your local theater, definitely make sure to take it in then as you may not see it there for long.

Plot Concept: The film is set in a future where a runaway experiment to stop global warming has caused an ice age that killed nearly all life on the planet. The only survivors are the inhabitants of the ‘Snowpiercer’, a massive train that travels around the planet and is powered by a perpetual-motion engine. Over time a class system evolves on the train, with the elites inhabiting the front of the train and poor inhabiting the back of the train. Tired of their poor living conditions, the riders in the back revolt, attempting to seize control of the engine, which the elites in the front consider sacred.

[Source: Box Office Mojo ]