MB VoiceWorks Teases ‘Holy Knight’ Anime Dub Cast

MB VoiceWorks Teases ‘Holy Knight’ Anime Dub Cast After announcing their agreement with Media Blasters to produce the dub for upcoming works with the company, MB VoiceWorks has a new update on their site that gives us a little bit of an idea of what we’ll be seeing in the coming weeks with their first production.

The group is going to be dealing with Holy Knight first, which Media Blasters acquired the rights to back in the summer of 2014. The dub production for it is about to start and according to MB VoiceWorks, they’ll be revealing the cast list for the show in real-time as the voice actors come in to record, which will definitely be an interesting way to present it, especially if they include video for it.

Testing everything out in the ADR studio at Media Blasters, getting ready for our first recording session for the Holy Knight dub!!! Keep checking back here and on the Media Blasters FB Page–we’ll be revealing the cast list here on the MB VoiceWorks Facebook page in real-time as our voice actors record, so stay tuned! — with Brittany Lauda and Melanie Ehrlich.