Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #10 Anime Review

Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #10 Anime Review Things start to spiral out of control for Takuma and his power, leaving Tamaki to do what’s needed.

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While the show has had some quiet stretches overall that have been punctuated with action, those action bits are still a huge draw. When Takuma is able to go all out, using the devil that’s inside of him, we get something special here when it comes to the visual display of it .His fight against the Logos man that has come to deal with them is certainly quite engaging just from watching it, but it also feels like it does have some impact as well. Unfortunately, it’s broken up with a lot of other material that’s moving through the motions in order to get all those of the Guardians and Logos into their proper positions for it all to come to a head. Even Ohmi’s arrival, bringing the Guardian’s into play to find Aria and the Artifacts feels like just one more calculation rather than a natural story flow point.

Takuma’s fight is certainly more than just sword against sword, which is helpful since it’s something that cements it more in the character drama. With Takuma being possessed by the demon, it’s something that only Tamaki can truly deal with in her own simple way by getting all up in front of him as she tries to understand how to shake him out of it. Takuma is really well done here in his possessed mode, full of power that’s flowing around him and the visuals outside of the kind of awkward horns drives it all home well. When it shifts to the saving moment, one you know was going to happen once it was made clear what his problem was, the budget is definitely thrown at it to make it as theatrical as possible with what she needs to do to draw him out of it.

As well done as it is, the show takes a less than thrilling turn from there, both at the mansion where Aria is and where Takuma and Tamaki are as Baba has her own mysterious plans that are always in motion. While Tamaki feels that things were settled and the seal effective, it’s not what Baba has in mind and she intends to deal with Takuma properly from here on out. Her reasoning is actually pretty sound when she lays it out, something that you wish she had done earlier to avoid some of the drama. Not that it really helps to alleviate things as the cost of saving Takuma comes into light, particularly since his being a container for something as powerful as is in him must be dealt with. But with how Tamaki is, you know she’d go the distance to save him if it was the only option; the question becomes then as to whether Baba is truly telling all of the truth.

In Summary:
Hiiro no Kakera has some pretty big moments here as we see how Takuma and Tamaki are dealing with his issue and the kind of seal they do provide. Visually, there’s a whole lot to like with it as it is one of those big moments of the series, but you don’t quite expect it to hit at this point but rather in the final episode. Amusingly, it’s all just prelude to the bigger things that are about to hit and it has me more curious to see where all that’s going to go. I really like what we get from the lead pair here, but the rest of the cast gets the shaft for the most part as there’s a bit with Logos that doesn’t really work all that well or set things up right. Beyond that though we get a really good episode here.

Grade: B+

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