Pony Canyon Shows Off ‘Show By Rock!!’ Anime Vocal Tracks

Pony Canyon Shows Off ‘Show By Rock!!’ Anime Vocal Tracks Pony Canyon is involved in another layer of promotion for the spring series Show By Rock!! as they’re handling the soundtrack side of it, which will definitely be important. The company has several soundtracks coming up with the theme songs and inserts songs and they’ve got a new three minute promo out to show them off and key pieces of artwork that will likely be associated with the releases as well, which looks pretty slick.

Set to premiere on April 5th, 2015 on Toyko MX, the series is directed by Takahiro Ikezoe based on scripts by Touko Machida and character designs by Masaru Ohshiro. The series is being animated by Bones.

The series is based on the project by Sanrio that has had an iOS rhythm game out so far that stars Eri Inagawa, Sumire Uesaka and Ayane Sakura in the primary position. It also has other bands included in it, with more to be announced. The ones announced so far include Mamoru Miyano Shuzo, Ryota Ohsaka as Kai and Ayumu Murase as Riku and Megumi Han as Daru Dayu, Eriko Matsui as A and Saori Hayami as Un and Kishô Taniyama as Crow, Kouki Uchiyama as Aeon, Tetsuya Kakihara as Yaiba and Yoshimasa Hosoya as Rom. Criticrista includes Rina Hidaka as Logia, Ai Kayano as Tsukino, Rie Murakawa as Jacqueline and Hiromi Igarashi as Holmy.

Plot concept: Metropolis of music, MIDICITY. A kitty girl wearing gothic lolita clothing named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu (a pun off of the sound that rabbits make) the honor student rabbit girl, a net geek dog girl named Retoree (from “Retriever”), and an alien sheep (?) girl named Moa. Together, they form the band named “Plasmagica,” and aim for the top of the world.

However, the path there is long and tough, and keeping in high spirits is important. By battling against other strange bands, Plasmagica slowly grows toward a top-grade band. In the end, they’ll be a band that becomes the driving force of MIDICITY’s music industry… Maybe?

Gonna be a music millionaire!

Check out the series promo: