Hunter X Hunter Episode #17 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode #17 Anime Review Events are a bit more varied but no less dangerous as Gon and the gang try to ensure their points.

What They Say:
Killua grows tired of having Imori shadowing him so he challenges Imori to a fight and quickly dispatches him. Meanwhile, Gon has joined up with Leorio and Kurapika. The three of them devise a plan for taking Ponzu’s tag and track her down to a suspicious-looking cave. That is when Leorio insists on heading in alone.

The Review:
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Hunter x Hunter hit a really good episode the last time around with the way it dealt heavily with the Gon versus Hisoka match and showed once again just how much potential Gon has. While he made his mistakes, Hisoka continues to see something really strong in him that will give him a thrill and a challenge down the line, something that’s come up a couple of times to varying degrees. So seeing the way they dealt with each other after Gon got taken down before was really thrilling to watch as it speaks to something more, even as simple as it is. On the downside, the episode kept most of the other main cast out of the picture other than a Kurapika and Leorio sequence that was decent if short and not terribly meaty. Still, it showed how they were handling things and what they were encountering.

Killua has been pretty light when it comes to this segment of the Exam and that’s unfortunate because he is such a cool customer based on his family history. He gets to deal with one of a trio of applicants that’s kind of silly-thuggish in a way name Imori. The guy is pretty meek and the trio as a whole are ones that you can feel surprised have made it this far, never mind getting any further. Working as a team though, they’re able to put up a cute front to deal with Killua, but you know just how outclassed they are by him with the way he handles and composes himself. Though he gets serious, you almost want him to just smirk a little to make the psychological cut a little deeper. His actions do allow for others that are watching and observing to see what they’re potentially up against though so there’s some use for it there.

When it comes to Leorio and Kurapika, they end up catching up with Gon along the way while searing for the woman that Leorio needs to find in order to get the badge he needs. With Gon’s tracking skills at hand, they’re able to have a good montage sequence to show off the island a bit which is surprisingly welcome. Its relaxing and mellow in a way that this segment hasn’t been since we’ve mostly focused on a somewhat stressed out Gon hunting Hisoka. When you get down to it, it’s all about Leorio at this point though as he needs the badge, so we get a decent little part of this episode focused to his “hunting” of it as the others back off. It’s got some decent tension to it as he deals with it and while Leorio is the main focus, the others have some excellent support bits as well which helps to again reinforce just how good this group is as a team.

In Summary:
Hunter x Hunter continues to be a very well paced shonen series that hits up a lot of events and character interactions without overly expanding them. There’s something to be said for series that do draw things out to give it greater weight and gravity as it can be done well, but for a show like this I really appreciate that its pacing is as strong and tight as it is at the moment. We’re getting good moments with the main cast, some solid supporting cast moments with the other applicants and a forward movement of the larger Exam storyline at a good clip. It’s not a brief segment in the manga but it’s not huge either. It’s an important piece to showcase the difficulty of something that’s hard to get and limited to few people, which in turn makes what they do for a living out in the world more important and noteworthy. The exposure to the Exam here continues to be solid and it hits a couple of fun new twists here that lets just about everyone shine in their own way.

Grade: B+

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