Servant X Service Episode #06 Anime Review

Servant X Service Episode #06 Anime Review

Servant X Service Episode 6

When the section chief decides to work with everyone to get to know the newbies better, it doesn’t go too well.

What They Say:
In a certain ward of a certain city in Hokkaido…The ward office where Yamagami Lucy has been hired employs many unique characters on its staff. Yamagami and her colleagues are full of energy and secrets as they’re hard at work (?!) in this workplace comedy!

The Review:
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Servant X Service did some really fun stuff with Yamagami in the previous episode and expanded things outside of the ward office a bit, which could be dangerous but ended up working well. Bringing Hasebe’s sister into play certainly was fun and that added a little more workplace tension and uncertainty with how people were unsure about what Yamagami might have done with him. This episode gives us more Yamagami to be sure, and her bright disposition continues to be one of the best parts of the series, even if she has to deal with the section chief early on. I just can’t bring myself to connect well with a bright pink rabbit character that jars me out of an otherwise rather realistic workplace comedy.

Sadly, the section chief is a big part of this episode as he wants to connect more with the staff and that means doing things with them. He ends up going off with Hasebe first, which is actually pretty dangerous since he just shows the boss all the ways to slack off for the day. Even worse is later on he works with Yamagami by hanging on her shoulder but all he can see when he looks down is the size of her chest, which she doesn’t realize. Working with the staff in general, he gets to see how things have changed over time wit things being more flexible in recent times and it’s something that he does find appealing. His workplace ethic is interesting and we even get som hilarious flashback material since he used to deal with Hasebe’s father way back in the day and that relationship looks like it would be pretty amusing to watch. The show also takes a weird twist when the chief’s daughter Kanon shows up and she gives him the bunny tail that he’s apparently been missing for the last few months.

Thankfully, the second half of the episode moves away from the section chief and we get more traditional stuff for the workplace with a bunch of different interactions, including how Miyoshi is looking forward to moving on from this position someday as we get a bit about her school life and plans. Miyoshi’s time on the job is comical, especially when she has to deal with the pint sized elderly woman who chews her ear off, and this time around she even gets an arranged marriage proposal being brought into play that’s comical. There’s a lot of fun with how Miyoshi is and what happens with all of this as she talks to the other girls about it and realize that there may have been some difficult words spoken. When you have Chihaya getting behind things, you have to worry just a little bit.

In Summary:
While I’ve largely liked the show a lot and have enjoyed the humor and situations that have come into play, this proved to be the hardest episode to like yet. Simply put, I’m not a fan of the section chief and what he brings to the show in terms of appearance. If it was a regular guy saying all that’s being said, I’d certainly like it more, which does make me question my dislike of him to some degree. But mostly I just wanted a real world style comedy without the fantastic elements like this – and it wouldn’t hurt to have an older character in the show either that actually works there. The second half of the episode salvages things a good deal as it focuses on Miyoshi a bit and the bind she gets into, but it’s just slow going after the lackluster first half.

Grade: C

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