Sengoku Collection / Parallel World Samurai Episode #12 Anime Review

Sengoku Collection / Parallel World Samurai Episode #12 Anime Review One cannot live on justice alone.

What They Say:
The Saturday Night Rider and her bike Matsukaze patrol the streets helping those who cross their path. But even a Maiden needs a day job.

The Review:
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With the variety of samurai types that are brought out in this series, they also take the time to work through different types of people in the present day world as well. This one gives us a bit of a look at the punk and biker crowd as they get involved in things through the latest samurai known as the Saturday Night Rider and her bike that’s named Matsukaze. She certainly brings the old school feeling of the beautifully dressed woman to the forefront by putting her on the bike, having a rough and tumble form of speech and making sure she’s equipped with a trident at that. It makes her look badass yet elegant in an amusing way.

Of course, the Saturday Night Rider can’t live on doling out justice to the world as needed and she has to make ends meet somehow. And that means she ends up working in a convenience store, a very familiar one in fact, where she has a bit of a comical disguise to make herself more of a plain jane. She generally does fairly well with it, having some of the normal problems one would expect at work, but her justice fighting side shows up at other times as well, such as when the place is being held up and she just steps in and does the right thing. She’s cute to watch since she does the whole glasses and long ponytail gig here, coming across as a young woman that didn’t fit in during school years and is just too polite and pleasing to others without being obnoxious about it.

We do get to see her as both Maeda and the Saturday Night Rider here and it’s pretty fun to see how she varies in personality with both. It’s not an extreme, but there’s a different level of confidence that comes out when she’s on the bike. It’s also there when she does her day job as we see when she stops the holdup, but she definitely keeps to her secret identity gig that she has going on. It’s appealing to see her in both forms, especially with the small cast that we have here, since it keeps things simple and smooth. She plays the force for justice well and we see how she interacts with those she saves as well, giving us a clearer insight into her personality in a good and friendly way.

In Summary:
With the way the show can vary pretty wildly depending on how well you like the particular samurai character that’s bought into play, each week can be something of a crapshoot. Most weeks have been enjoyable for me, but the last few have had their issues. This one works rather well for me since it has the kind of mellow feel that permeated a lot of the earlier episodes before they started going for less well known characters to bring into play. Using the whole Saturday Night Rider angle here, we get some fun with bikers but also the hard work that goes into being a convenience store worker. It’s a nice blending of the two, playing into the secret identity world as well. Combine it with the designs and animation style that I’m still digging with the series and you get something fun and enjoyable, though not exactly deep.

Grade: C+

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