Star Wars Thursday: Are You Ready for Some Football Edition

Star Wars Thursday: Are You Ready for Some Football Edition Welcome to this week’s edition of Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of all things fun, wild, and wacky in the Star Wars universe!

To me, fall is the season of crazy schedules and Back to School Nights. I’ve heard, though, that there are some sports going on. While I’m not personally a football fan, I have been known to occasionally watch a game or two. I’ve also heard that some geeks enjoy the pursuit of a tradition called “fantasy football”. It seems like Lord Vader is going to try his hand at it as well…

I’ll admit, I did need to consult a sporty friend about this video. He assured me that choosing a kicker first is almost as intelligent as letting the plans for your Death Star include a hole large enough to shoot into -causing the entire space station to self-destruct. Vader also proves that being an evil overlord means being certain your opinion is, indeed, fact. Seems to me the flames spouting on the internet over the changes to the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray confirm that.

After chuckling over that video for a while, I decided to see if I could find more ways for football fans to show some Star Wars love – since it’s clearly cool to be a fan of both now. Whether you see yourself as a Jedi or a Sith, there is a jersey for you. Of course, the fact that the Vader jersey is sold out and the Yoda is still available may say something about our society’s love for the Dark Side. (Have I mentioned lately that they have cookies?)

Star Wars Thursday: Are You Ready for Some Football Edition

If you are watching a big game this Sunday, you can rest assured that you will find a Star Wars fan in the crowd. May the Force be with you, even if you are a kicker.