Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Episode #03 Anime Review

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Episode #03 Anime Review The journey continues deep into the wet, moist and humid forest.

What They Say:
Annelotte has traveled to the jungle to find the source of the fog plaguing the townsfolk. When she befriends a local tribe, they believe Annelotte to be the Knight of BlackLuna’s prophecy. But it seems key details were left out…

The Review:
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As the series continues to work through a bit of the overall setup and the numerous characters that populates it (there are figures to sell after all!), Queen’s Blade: Rebellion turns its eye towards Annelotte and her journey’s through the jungle for this episode. Upon discovering that there’s some kind of mysterious fog that’s causing trouble at a village she’s near, she makes efforts to help those in need and discovers that there’s more to what’s going on than meets the eye the further in she gets. Namely a tribe of bronzed beautiful people that are taking care of a light skinned beauty who is the equivalent of a silly high school girl.

Annelotte’s arrival here is fairly amusing since they believe that she’s been prophesized to be there and to help them with a problem. BlackLuna constantly refers to her as a Knight, not realizing that Annelotte isn’t exactly a man which is what she was expecting. Naturally, this discovery does not go over well after showcasing a bit of the village’s hidden secrets and it doesn’t take long for Annelotte to be tossed in jail and summarily sexually abused by BlackLuna, who has a fairly interesting split personality about her, both in personality and color. She’s the kind of character that, to the distaste of some and the pleasure of others, brings tentacles back into play in a television series.

Because of the nature of this episode, it’s not until the final few minutes of it that it gets into the action phase, mostly with BlackLuna going all out with an attack as a dangerous beast shows up and she takes it down in her Moon Dancer mode, though her Sun Dancer persona comes up as well. Annelotte has her appearance, but a lot of the episode is just focused on the sexual side of things as the split personalities abuse her in different ways. Annelotte really gets taken in by Moon Dancer and how she operates with the tentacles of sorts that she controls and she can be pretty persuasive, making for an interesting and amusing series of events that brings the two of them together.

In Summary:
In a sea of awesome shows this season, it’s important to remember what Queen’s Blade: Rebellion brings to the table: Tits. And lots of them. And other body parts as well. There is a story here and this episode nudges it along a bit but mostly it’s focused on Annelotte’s continuing journey and her meeting with BlackLuna, which really gives us a fun character that balances smutty and slutty with sweet and innocent, albeit a sweet and innocence that has a certain obliviousness to it and no problems with some crotch grabbing. I really have little in the way of expectations with the series, though I do suspect it’ll deal with the larger storyline better when looked at in full, but what I want out of it is what this episode delivered. Sexy fun in a fantasy setting that just doesn’t care and runs with what makes it happy. And it succeeds there.

Grade: B-

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