Fox Schedules ‘Deadpool’ Film, Reschedules ‘Fantastic Four’

Fox Schedules ‘Deadpool’ Film, Reschedules ‘Fantastic Four’ Fox is making some changes to their film schedule and it’s interesting with what the potential is.

First, the biggest news, is that they’ve given a go-ahead to the Deadpool film. This comes after the surfacing of the test footage last month and the push by the people behind to get it made. Tim Miller is set to direct the film with a planned February 12th, 2016 release date. It’s expected Ryan Reynolds will star based on his continued push for the project, but nothing is finalized there.

Elsewhere on the schedule, Fox has moved Fantastic Four from its June 19th, 2015 release date to the new date of August 7th, 2015. There’s no really big reason for it beyond the fact that Fox’s other big summer film, Assassins Creed, is no longer on the calendar. With as little progress as has been made with Assassin’s Creed, this isn’t a surprise. Giving Fantastic Four that date has Fox hoping to catch some of the same summer magic that Guardians of the Galaxy had.

Here’s the Deadpool test footage we got back in August:

[Source: THR ]