‘LEGO Batman’ Animated Movie Coming Plus More DC Animated Features

‘LEGO Batman’ Animated Movie Coming Plus More DC Animated Features It continues to be a good time to be a fan of the DC Animated Universe as the New York Comic Con revealed what’s in store. With the recent release of The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, it’s a no brainer that the first release of 2013 would be the second part. But the panel at the con announced a bit more. Also coming out in 2013 will be a Superman: Unbound, which will adapt the Braniac story as done by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank in the comics. That’s planned for a summer release. Expected in the fall will be Justice League: Flashpoint in which we get an adaptation of the pre-relaunch event in the DC Comics world that changed many, many things. The Flashpoint event itself offered an opportunity to do some alternate re-imaginings of the characters and that could be a lot of fun in animated form.

With the recent dissolution of Warner Premiere, there has been some fears about the DC Animated movies continuing. But it was made clear that they will be and there are plans going into 2014 as well at this stage, so it’s nowhere near game over.

On the other side of things, it was also revealed that the LEGO Batman: DC Heroes Unite game is getting an animated adaptation. It’s amusing watching the fan reaction to these just trash the whole idea, especially with it being “childish” or some such. Having thoroughly enjoyed the games, especially this one, it’s exactly what’s needed. Fans older than thirteen may not realize it, but these games and kinds of titles bring a whole new audience to the world of comics and characters. Watching my own kids and their friends get so thoroughly into them, as well as parents who know nothing about comics, come away with a better appreciation for the characters and actively know who many of them are afterwards. That’s just plain brand awareness. Suffice to say, of all the titles, this is the one I’m most keen on seeing because it’ll be fun.

[Source: World’s Finest ]