New York Times Manga Bestsellers For September 17th

New York Times Manga Bestsellers For September 17th Unlike last week when Viz Media dominated the charts, this week sees things changed up a fair bit with several new books entering the ranks from other companies, largely with Kodansha dominating it alongside Viz Media. This release week saw the first two Sailor Moon books hit and they took the top positions easily enough. The usual strong sellers from Viz held up well in their second week, but there’s a surprise in that Shugo Chara charted so strongly its first week out. Del Rey slips in a book of their own this week as well with xxxHolic making it to the third spot, forcing Viz Media to start its rankings in the #4 spot. The other surprise is that One Piece debuts in the #7 spot, something it normally doesn’t as it often hits the #1 spot. A big week for competition when it comes to releases.

  1. Sailor Moon Vol. #1
  2. Codename: Sailor V Vol. #1
  3. xxxHolic vol. #17
  4. Bleach Vol. #36
  5. Naruto Vol. #52
  6. Black Bird Vol. #10
  7. One Piece Vol. #58
  8. Shugo Chara Vol. #12
  9. Ultimo Vol. #6
  10. Dengeki Daisy Vol. #6

[Source: NY Times ]