‘Magical Somera-chan’ Anime DVD/BD Finalized Cover Art Arrives

‘Magical Somera-chan’ Anime DVD/BD Finalized Cover Art Arrives The fall 2015 short form anime series Magical Somera-chan had its home video plans in Japan set awhile ago as it lucked out in being a short-form series that was getting both a DVD and a Blu-ray release. With it almost time for the show to arrive, the cover artwork for both formats has now arrived. The twelve episode series is getting a single disc release with the DVD priced at 5,000 yen and the Blu-ray at 6,800 yen. Both releases will bring the full twelve episode series out with the clean ending, promo and commercials included. There will also be an audio commentary with the main cast. First-press materials include just the booklet. The release is scheduled for December 26th, 2015.

The cast includes Sayaka Nakaya as Somera Nonomoto, Kaede Hondo as Kukuru Nonomoto, Rika Momokawa as Shigeku Tendō and Maria Naganawa as Ai Matsushima. The series will be directed by Itsuki Imazaki at studio Seven with Dream Creation overseeing the overall production, which they do for a number of short form series.

The work is based on the manga by Choborau Nyopomi, a four panel work that ran a few years back and completed with two volumes.

Plot concept: The story follows the everyday life of Somera Nonomoto who can use the strongest kenpo, Nonomoto Mahou-ken, which is inherited from her mother with her younger sister Kukuru.

‘Magical Somera-chan’ Anime DVD/BD Finalized Cover Art Arrives

[Source: Fushigi na Somera-chan ]