First ‘Ah! My Goddess’ OAD Anime Episode Visual Revealed

While we previously knew about the upcoming bundled anime OAD that’s being tied to volume forty-six of Ah! My Goddess, a few new things have come out regarding it in the visual department. The first thing we have that you can see below is the first key visual for the anime episode which shows that there’s just a bit more polish but otherwise the core of the show is the same as it ever was. In addition to that, there are a couple of sketches that were put out by original mangaka Kosuke Fujishima and the anime director Hiroaki Gohda that are a bit playful with it all. The manga OAD bundled is set for release in August in Japan.

Franchise Concept: Keiichi Morisato is an engineering student and the top driver of the campus racing club. While calling for take out, a wrong number puts him in contact with the Goddess Hotline. One misplaced wish later, Keiichi finds himself blessed with Belldandy, the perfect girlfriend and a bonafide goddess.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any idea of how act in the human world, and her presence quickly gets Keiichi kicked out of the dorms. But Keiichi’s troubles have just begun…

First ‘Ah! My Goddess’ OAD Anime Episode Visual Revealed

First ‘Ah! My Goddess’ OAD Anime Episode Visual Revealed

[Source: Crunchyroll ]