Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #22 Anime Review

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #22 Anime Review Beware Yokozawa, he is simply too much of Takano’s friend to be taken lightly.

What They Say:
Takano wants Onodera to admit his feelings, but before he can Takano gets sick. When Onodera tries to visits, he is stopped by Yokozawa. A heated exchanged happens, leaving Onodera saying things he might regret…

The Review:
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With the focus turned back on Onodera and Takano, it has a good bit of fun to it after th eups and downs that have happened. For Onodera, he’s still kind of all over the map with his feelings about things and uncertain of where it is that he wants to go with them. Takano is doing his best to push him in the direction he wants and is fairly forceful in his presence in doing so, which is amusing to watch since he knows exactly what he wants. But Onodera continues to waffle in the wind over it, especially when he’s pushed about it while at work. That’s the last place that Onodera wants to even think about it, especially as the pressure is ramping up with some projects there and the way he’s going to have to spend more time working with Yokozawa over it.

And Yokozawa continues to be someone who has a real issue with Onodera, not that you can tell easily because he’s seemingly gruff with everyone all the time. So when Onodera goes to him for a work related issue outside of the office, he gets chewed out pretty well by him over it. Sometimes a third party is definitely needed to make things clear, and Yokozawa does that in spades by really laying into him over how Takano is hurting because of the way Yokozawa sees Onodera as basically leading him on. Since Onodera has felt chased and not wanted that a lot of the time, it’s a conflicting revelation, one that’s made more difficult as Yokozawa comes forth with his own revelations, which may be couched in a different meaning of course, that just ups the ante on what’s going on.

There’s a lot of good emotions used throughout the show but in this segment in particular as it really serves to shake up Onodera a bit. So much so that in going back to things as he was before, he’s coming across as pretty spaced out. With him wanting to admit his feelings but coming up with the revelations that Yokozawa made, he’s just a mess in general and is completely caught up in himself. It’s definitely affecting his work performance and interactions with others, but there’s so little he can do at this point as he’s at an absolute low. And understandably so since he can’t figure out what it is that he wants to do anymore. Watching him go through this is almost heartbreaking, especially with the way Takano is when he does come across him while he’s home sick.

In Summary:
As the series inches closer to the end, it’s getting more things done where it comes to having the characters actually admit things and start moving on. Part of the appeal of a show like this is that you do have that admittance, though I would have preferred it earlier, so we can see how they really handle it and move on from there. The cast has been good throughout but this pairing continues to be my favorite, even if Takano does act like an ass too often and he has some unhelpful people like Yokozawa on his side. I do like Takano, even if he is too pushy, because it is what’s needed to get Onodera to realize where he stands as well. Watching him slowly coming to grips with it and now ready to deal with it is just a lot of fun.

Grade: B

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