Omamori Himari Vol. #11 Manga Review

Omamori Himari Vol. #11 Manga Review

Omamori Himari Volume 11

Himari’s evil half is taking over and this might be the final excuse for the other Demon Slayer families to finally take her out!

Creative Staff
Story & Art: Milan Matra
Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

What They Say
When the Nine-Tails takes a bite out of Yuuto, a livid Himari turns the tables and overwhelms the powerful ayakashi with her great strength. However, the more Himari rages, relying on her demonic power, the more her heart is consumed by darkness. The battle may be over, but has Himari already lost the war…against herself?!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Contains nudity.

The final battle with Shuten-Douji and the Nine-tailed Fox was devastating. Jinguuji and Shuten-Douji destroyed each other, and Himari practically ripped Nine-Tails to pieces. In the process, Himari absorbed all of Nine-Tails evil energy. Oddly enough, Nine-Tails survived the encounter because she reverted to a child-like phase with almost no ayakashi power. Instead, Himari absorbed all that evil ayakashi power, and it may have changed her for good. And not for the better.

It is plain to Yuuto and the others that Himari is different since that battle. Yuuto even thinks Himari is acting more like the time her evil half took over. However, Himari won’t admit to anyone that she is beginning to lose herself to that evil power. It has gotten so bad for her that she is having a difficult time controlling herself around Yuuto, her Master. When a servant lashes out at her Master, it is time to end her service. Something the other Demon Slayers are all too eager to do for Yuuto; with or without his permission.

Himari’s tenuous grasp on reality and control of herself may not survive the sudden reappearance of Jinguuji! But everyone saw Jinguuji die and evaporate into the air, so how can she still be alive?

While I am actually disappointed to see a character that I like come back to life, the reason for her return is plausible. While a lot of “look, I’m still alive moments” in fiction are paper thin in their reasoning, I don’t have any complaints with the “how” of Jinguuji still being alive. The “how” actually makes perfect sense as it draws on something that happened early in this series. However, I do have a problem with the fact that Jinguuji is still alive.

Regardless of how I feel about Jinguuji’s revival, Himari isn’t going to stand for it. She finally had Yuuto all to herself, then Jinguuji not only comes back into the picture, but it creates a much stronger bond between her and Yuuto. Himari is having a difficult time controlling the evil energy she absorbed from the Nine-Tailed Fox, but seeing Yuuto getting all lovey-dovey with Jinguuji is probably going to destroy any last shred of self control Himari has left.

With the next volume being the last, how are things going to end and will it be a nice ending. I’m guessing, the ending is going to depend on which female character you have been cheering on to win Yuuto’s love.

In Summary
While I considered the previous volume perhaps the best book in this series, this current volume is probably my least favorite. I cheered the author’s difficult decision of killing off a main character in the previous volume, and the ramifications it put on the protagonist. But then in this volume, that dead character revives before her death even has a chance to sink in with the reader. Normally, I like seeing a good character “revive”, but I think this series was better with the heavy impact her death had on the characters. With one more volume remaining in Omamori Himari, it would have been a much better scenario to revive the character in that last volume. Oh well, still plenty of fanservice in this volume if that’s what has been keeping you around.

Content Grade: C+
Art Grade: B-
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: B

Age Rating: 17+
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: January 21st, 2014
MSRP: $13.00