Senyu Episode #08 Anime Review

Senyu Episode #08 Anime Review

Senyu Episode 8

When Janua shows off his skills, the others react in predictable and hilarious ways.

What They Say:
Janua shows off his skill in Ninjutsu.

The Review:
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With Alba’s life being all over the map since meeting Rchi and all that’s involved there, never mind what Rudolf has done to make their situation worse, the jail time is just comically hilarious. Having the lead character in this situation for so long just paints a great picture of our hero and what he’s capable of. Of course, it’s more of a big ensemble piece overall so seeing the way new characters come in, such as Janua here with his ninja skills in full display, he makes quite the impression on the group. Not that they’re fantastic skills, especially since it’s all about dislocating his shoulder and that just makes you cringe upon thinking about it. The bigger comedy comes with how Ros handles the situation b messing with Janua and just having fun with the situation as a whole. Janua is just the latest to suffer the abuses of Rchi and Ros and that makes for some great comedy.

In Summary:
If there was a show that I didn’t think would work this season, it was something like Senyu. But unlike other four panel adaptations, this one really does seem to embody the silliness and plain fun of actual comics strips. The use of Janua here helps to expand an already sizable cast but you don’t mind because it’s just so much fun to see him try to impress everyone only to have Ros come up and show him what’s what. Add in the view from above with how the story has gone for Alba so far and you just grin from start to finish and then lament that it’s over as quick as it is. This continues to be one of my surprise favorites of the season and racks up another short form show that I wish would get picked up.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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