‘Ant-Man’ Gets Second Box Office Win

‘Ant-Man’ Gets Second Box Office Win The second Marvel Studios produced film of the year with Ant-Man has managed to hold onto the top spot, just barely, with a $24.7 million take. That hold is against the $24 million take of Pixels, which landed in second place to a general thud of poor reviews and lackluster word of mouth – and rightly so as it’s a pretty awful film even if the concept is one that makes this child of the 80′s smile.

Ant-Man is pretty much performing in the same way that Thor did a few years back and most of the franchise openers as well outside of Iron Man and Avengers so while it may seem weak, especially after Guardians of the Galaxy, the smaller nature of the film also factors into that since the grand scale isn’t there and fans weren’t hugely only board as tastemakers until they saw it themselves.

The other new opener this weekend was Paper Towns, which was hoping to ride the Fault in Our Stars coattails to some degree but fell hard with a $12 million take. Granted, it has a $12 million budget and will kick around a few weeks plus some international venues so it’ll do well, but it’s not the big hope that Fox may have had for it.

This week is one that’s kind of odd in a way as it’s not a holiday weekend ahead but Warner Bros. is releasing Vacation on Wednesday night nationally. That makes sense considering that Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation lands on Friday and is going to suck up a lot of the oxygen in the room for a big tentpole action piece – especially in the international market.

Domestic Box Office (Estimates) Weekend of Jul 24-26
1 Ant-Man Disney $24,765,000 3,868 6,402 $106,075,529
2 Pixels Sony $24,000,000 3,723 6,446 $24,000,000
3 Minions Universal $22,058,050 4,066 5,425 $261,578,460
4 Trainwreck Universal $17,281,950 3,171 5,450 $61,526,975
5 Southpaw The Weinstein Company $16,500,000 2,772 5,952 $16,500,000
6 Paper Towns 20th Century Fox $12,500,000 3,031 4,124 $12,500,000
7 Inside Out Disney $7,356,000 2,717 2,707 $320,334,811
8 Jurassic World Universal $6,850,550 2,645 2,590 $623,753,325
9 Mr. Holmes Roadside Attractions $2,849,349 686 4,153 $6,432,239
10 Terminator Genisys Paramount $2,400,000 1,702 1,410 $85,665,614
11 Magic Mike XXL Warner Bros. $1,865,000 1,440 1,295 $63,132,078
12 Bajrangi Bhaijaan Eros Entertainment $1,700,000 257 6,614 $5,700,000