Manga UK Cancels ‘Xam’d’ Part 2 Blu-ray Release

Manga UK Cancels ‘Xam’d’ Part 2 Blu-ray Release UK anime producer Manga Entertainment UK announced via Twitter today that they’re canceling the release of Xam’d Part 2 on Blu-ray. According to the company, the first set which was released on July 18th only sold 100 copies in its first three weeks of release, which makes it unfeasible to go ahead with the planned September 5th release of Part 2. Manga Entertainment slowed down a lot of its Blu-ray plans this year with regards to TV series when it ran into very low sales for even hugely popular shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Xam’d was the last of its planned scheduled TV series being released on Blu-ray this year as the company intended to focus more on one-shots like movies and OVAs as those have done better on Blu-ray than TV series have.

OK! Now it’s time for some bad news. We have decided to cancel #XAMDPart2 on Blu-ray. We apologise to those fans who we have let down.

Unfortunately #XamdPart1 only sold 100 copies in 3 weeks. It doesn’t get much worse than that I’m afraid. Massive shame.

Re #XamdPart2 Blu-ray. This was the last new anime series release we had scheduled for #Bluray this year that isn’t a successful on-going anime series like Bleach or Naruto. As u saw with #FMAbrotherhood, even hit shows are hard to sustain on BR in the UK market. We r going to be much more careful about which new shows we pick up for BR next year. A good rule of thumb will be how many copies of BR r sold in the US. We generally achieve 10-15% of the US Videoscan sales on any release. So, I’d need Series A to sell at least 5,000 units Month 1 in the US in order to justify a UK release (That’s 500 copies Month 1 UK). We’ll figure it out. I’d like to personally apologise again to those #XAMD fans we have disappointed with this decision. Sorry!