20 Page Preview For ‘A Strange Kind Of Woman’ Posted

20 Page Preview For ‘A Strange Kind Of Woman’ Posted Adult manga of a non-boys-love nature is hard to come by but the folks at Eros Comix have a new release coming up in a couple of weeks and they’ve posted a 20-pg preview that’s obviously not safe for work. The pages definitely give you a look at the book and what to expect, so check it out and sound off if you think it’s a good purchase or not. You can also follow discussion on the release here in this thread about it.

Plot concept: Shion is the cutest and sexiest girl in the school, but she literally never has anything to say. This doesn’t stop Mamoru from asking her out, and he is elated to discover that she is actually a repressed nymphomaniac. But the fun is short-lived once his tall, slim, and stacked – but scary – classmate Yuki begins stalking him for herself!