Binbogami ga! Episode #10 Anime Review

Binbogami ga! Episode #10 Anime Review An episode that probably should have been flushed earlier.

What They Say:
Ichiko takes in a pet kitten that was left outside her apartment. She meets Ibuki, a bathroom god, who also delivers a warning to her about hoarding happiness energy. When Momiji kidnaps the kitten, Ichiko must square off with her to get her pet back.

The Review:
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With the show having a hard time really holding my attention since it hasn’t really made the characters interesting, it has to rely on being funny without really knowing them. After some silliness that meant nothing involving tennis and cooking in the previous episode, this one shifts to something completely different as we get to add The Cuteness in the form of a kitten. Cats make everything better and drives the cuteness factor up several notches while also making characters more human and silly, taking them easily out of character at the same time as well.

Suffice to say, Ichiko takes to the kitten quickly and heavily as she wants to do whatever she can for it, being very bright and outgoing about it as she takes it in. The first half runs with this pretty well as she names that cat Tama, takes it in and has to deal with the strange arrival of someone living in her toilet with a head shaped like poop. That provides the surreal moment of the episode, especially since they get into a discussion about not judging by appearances, and it largely just falls flat once again, something I find happening far too often with the show. Of course, that’s just prelude to where the show wants to a bit as Momiji intends to use the cat to try and get more out of Ichiko when it comes to her happiness overload by stealing the kitten and drawing it out of her.

This puts Ichiko in the position of having to overcome a few hurdles to get the kitten back, which draws out a lot of emotion as thing are set up to be pretty intense for her by Momiji. It’s not bad, but the whole bathroom god that’s brought in, Ibuki, kills the whole thing. I get his point and wha the brings to the table, including his look, but it just doesn’t work well visually. It doesn’t make me laugh, more that it just makes me roll my eyes whenever he’s on screen. That’s not to say the episode doesn’t have its moments, such as when Ichiko gets really proactive and dabbles in a bit of action, but it’s nowhere near enough to salvage things as so much of what it does feels like it’s pushing you away rather than drawing you in for the laughs.

In Summary:
Binbogami Ga hits another piece where it is a bit different, intending to spend the whole episode on an idea, but it shifts gears in a way that leaves you wondering what the point was. While it kicked off with the kitten and the kitten has some face time throughout the episode, it feels like said kitten is diminished as it progresses. Which is weird, since you want to keep using the kitten in order to draw attention to Ichiko’s softer side and work it in a way to be silly and fun. Yet instead we spend more time with poopyhead Ibuki who serves a role but leaves you far too distracted and almost ashamed that we’re dealing with someone who looks like poop. Yeah, yeah, don’t judge by appearances. But still. It’s a giant walking talking poop. And it simply doesn’t work.

Grade: C

Streamed By: FUNimation

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