Kokoro Connect Episode #08 Anime Review

Kokoro Connect Episode #08 Anime Review As the group continues to break apart, more comes to the surface.

What They Say:
All the infighting between the club members is beginning the boil over. Good advice comes their way from an unlikely source.

The Review:
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With the shift to the immense desires angle, the show has certainly had its moments but it’s felt weakened by the approach overall in comparison to what we had before. With one of them now in hiding in her room so as to not cause any further troubles, the rest are breaking down in a few ways as well as they’ve had different episodes with each other. The tension have certainly started to rise some but there’s also a sense of resignation among them as well as they deal with it. The back of their mind keeps going back to the idea that if Yui spends too much more time in her room as sad as she is, Heartseed will get involved and they’ll all be in a lot more trouble because of that.

Unfortunately, discussion among some of the group is getting harder and harder as the episodes grow as we even get a physical moment with Taichi hurting Nagase. She knows that it’s not really him as they’ve all experienced the episodes, but it’s something that boils over in several ways because of it happening and brings more pressures on everyone as it continues to fracture the group. With Inaba keeping her distance and Yui out of the picture, things are getting more intense among those three.

What helps along the way is that everyone else around is starting to notice some of the tensions coming up in the group and the class rep sets into motion some plans that tries to bring them back together, which everyone gets behind. But that just kind of makes things even more stressful between everyone, particularly with Inaba intentionally removing herself more and more. Amusingly, what helps to start changing things is the groups teacher that is often taken over by Heartseed as he puts the ideas into their heads that if they continually play it safe, such as what Yui and Inaba are doing, they’ll never really live. Which is what Heartseed is trying to accomplish it seems in getting these kids to take some risks, to come alive and really live for a bit.

In Summary:
As this part of the story goes along, it’s lost a lot of its very fun elements in favor of being serious and emotional. Which does work at times as we get a good expansion on fhe characters and a deeper look at what makes them tick. But we also got a fair bit of this during the lighter arc before it with the body swapping while still having some very serious things come up when it deals with how these characters view themselves. I continue to enjoy the show for the way that it’s playing mindgames with everyone and how it draws out more honest emotions and ideas, but it’s gotten just a little too serious for itself at this point and really needs something to break the tension in a good way and start moving things forward.

Grade: B-

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