Young Justice – Image Review

Young Justice – Image Review The truth behind Megan is getting closer to being revealed.

What They Say:
A covert operation forces Miss Martian to face her greatest fears.

The Review:
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Young Justice continues to work a few different things into each episode while also changing the dynamic in general. This one plays to some of its more interesting angles at first with a bit of adult humor mixed into the events as Batman shows Green Arrow and Black Canary a rather amusing incident that Miss Martian was involved in regarding shapeshifting with Superboy. While J’onn can explain it away, it’s fairly disconcerting for Dinah but you have to love how Oliver just laughs about it once the truth is out there. It sets the stage for Miss Martian to be central to this episode as she continues to grapple with being the odd person out, being a martian and all.

And the episode doesn’t hesitate from changing up the team as well as it sets the new mission to have the team go to deal with a problem with Bialya in that it may be taking over Quarc through less than honorable means. And the usual team leader of Aqualad is off on another mission with Aquaman, so that has Batman putting Robin up to bat as team leader, something that he’s still very uncertain about. While the comics fans are used to a confident Robin, I’m enjoying this less than confident version of him that has him dealing with his own issues as well as the quirks of the team, never mind working with Batman.

Though there is a lot of this material woven through it, it does deal with the larger storyline, though it often feels secondary. When the second half of the episode kicks into gear, after some really fun little revelations about where Megan got her inspiration for humanity from, it moves events forward quickly with what Queen Bee is doing as we see the ties to the previous episode that had shown us Psimon causing trouble in Bialya. With him being a key ingredient to what’s going on with the Quarci president and how the situation is turning there, it gives the season a bit more to tie it all together. But the real focus here is on Megan as she deals with Psimon’s abilities, which in turn reveals the (obvious) truth about what kind of Martian she is and how far she’ll go to protect her secret.

In Summary:
Young Justice plays to an interesting larger storyline, though it’s rather abrupt in how it’s dealt with, but it’s not the main focus. That’s on Megan and how she is continuing to adapt to being on Earth, interacting with humans and what she really is. She’s continuing to deceive though as she has some serious trust issues across the board and certainly enough reasons to be. It also brings about an interesting potential origin story with what she does here with the son of the actress she gets involved with while in Qurac and that left me grinning if they do actually follow up with it. The series continues to play well with established comic ideas and characters while twisting them enough to stand on their own here but making it something that longtime fans can enjoy to see how it’s being dealt with. This episode covers a lot of ground and spends some really good time with Megan, again making her one of my favorites.

Grade: B+