FUNimation Reveals ‘BlazBlue: Alter Memory’ Anime Dub Cast

FUNimation Reveals ‘BlazBlue: Alter Memory’ Anime Dub Cast FUNimation is preparing for the June 30th, 2015 release of BlazBlue: Alter Memory on DVD/BD and ahead of that they’ve now released the cast list and production team for the English language adaptation. The series is priced at $64.98 for its release and is getting a regular edition release only. It’ll feature the clean opening and closing songs as its only extras. The dub has Patrick Seitz as the ADR director working with assistant ADR director Kirsten Perotti.

The cast includes:

  • RAGNA THE BLOODEDGE – Patrick Seitz
  • JIN KISARAGI – David Vincent
  • NOEL VERMILLION – Cristina Vee
  • HAZAMA – Doug Erholtz HAKUMEN – David Vincent
  • BANG SHISHIGAMI – Steve Kramer
  • LITCHI FAYE-LING – Lauren Landa
  • ARAKUNE – Spike Spencer
  • CARL CLOVER – Michelle Ruff
  • RELIUS CLOVER – Travis Willingham
  • NU-13 – Cristina Vee
  • LAMBDA-11 – Cristina Vee
  • JUBEI – Kirk Thornton
  • KOKONOE – Julie Ann Taylor
  • TSUBAKI YAYOI – Julie Ann Taylor
  • MAKOTO NANAYA – Cindy Robinson
  • PLATINUM THE TRINITY – Alexis Tipton
  • GII – Cindy Robinson
  • NAGO – Ethan Murray
  • THE IMPERATOR – Kate Davis
  • TAKAMAGAHARA – Geoffrey Chalmers, Bryce Papenbrook, Wendee Lee

The series was animated at teamKG and Hoods Entertainment. With a series of games starting back in 2008 and extending into 2013 as well as a couple of novels and some manga, it’s no surprise that BlazBlue got an anime adaptation.

Plot cocnept: Long ago, an insidious black beast sought to obliterate the human race, but the monster was defeated by a valiant Band of Heroes wielding the power of Ars Magus: a potent combo of magic and technology. Now, a roguish outlaw known as Ragna the Bloodedge seeks to wreak havoc upon the Librarium, a clandestine organization that governs Ars Magus. Armed with the mighty Azure Grimoire, Ragna quickly becomes the target of vigilantes, scientists, vampires, and Librarium foot soldiers. As he spirals toward a violent showdown with the maniacal Hazama, Ragna will discover just how closely his fate is tied to the future of our world!