‘Samurai Flamenco’ Anime Adds New Characters

‘Samurai Flamenco’ Anime Adds New Characters With its twenty-two episode run, Samurai Flamenco is certainly capable of adding more characters without it feeling like it’s all cramming in before the finale. And they’re doing just that as the series has announced a few new characters through their Twitter feed this week. Details are slim outside who is playing what character so we don’t know how they’ll figure into the show just yet. The breakdown is as follows:

  • KENN will play Anji Kuroki
  • Yukari Tamura will play Sakura Mamoi
  • Showtaro Morikubo will play Soichi Aoishima
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga will play Hekiru Midorikawa

The series is currently streaming only on Crunchyroll and is slated for two seasons as part of the noitaminA block, which means eleven episode seasons for a total of twenty-two episodes. Aniplex USA has picked up the home video license for the series as well.

Plot concept: Masayoshi Hazama: a man who has become a superhero “by himself” with no superhuman powers or any sort of high-tech conversions, NONE!! Hidenori Goto: a cop who found out the true identity of “the superhero” by a strange twist of fate and thus constantly gets in trouble thanks to Hazama, the superhero. This is the story of the birth of a true hero featuring these two young men with a touch of comedy and serious drama, while they come face to face with hardships as they search for the true meaning of becoming a hero of justice in this world!

[Source: ANN ]