‘Fantastic Four’ Gets Crushed At Box Office

‘Fantastic Four’ Gets Crushed At Box Office It’s certainly not been a fantastic weekend and few days for Fox, Josh Trank and the Fantastic Four reboot. The $111 million film, not including marketing of course, was expected to bring in about $40-50 million this weekend in an attempt to relaunch the franchise during the quieter August month, hoping to catch a little of that Guardians of the Galaxy energy from last year. But with the film garnering a lot of negativity from the fanbase from the get go, reports of heavily troubled production and then the director distancing himself from the film briefly on Thursday, things fell apart quickly as it brought in just $26 million domestically and $34 million internationally. With a low per-screen take and a C- CinemaScore (a realm where Pixels earned a B and anything under an A- is considered bad), there’s no salvaging this film at this point. Even last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot came out with a $65 million opening, making one think that this film could find a way to make some coin.

It’s unlikely to happen, but it feels like the only way to salvage the property unless Fox gives up outright is for a real co-production deal similar to what Marvel has set up with Sony for Spider-Man. But it’s hard to see Fox doing that – unless Marvel holds the X-Men TV series as a carrot for them.

This weekend has MI5 taking the top spot with just under a $30 million take, making for another strong weekend for the film while the other new film with The Gift did very well with a $12 million take on a $5 million budget as one of the first big releases from STX Entertainment. Even Vacation did well this weekend, dropping off only 39% compared to the way most films drop between 50-60% on second weekends. Ricki and the Flash debuted at $7 million with just 1600 screens, which will do decently overall with some good word of mouth for select audiences, though I don’t expect it will add too many more screens overall before disappearing.

The other big loser this weekend is Shaun the Sheep, the latest Aardman film from Lionsgate as it opened with just $4 million for the weekend despite strong reviews in general.

Domestic Box Office (Estimates) Weekend of Aug 7-9
1 Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Paramount $29,400,000 3,988 7,372 $108,654,207
2 Fantastic Four 20th Century Fox $26,200,000 3,995 6,558 $26,200,000
3 Gift, The STX Entertainment $12,007,000 2,503 4,797 $12,007,000
4 Vacation Warner Bros. $9,145,000 3,430 2,666 $37,324,780
5 Ant-Man Disney $7,826,000 2,910 2,689 $147,436,546
6 Minions Universal $7,370,280 3,123 2,360 $302,724,400
7 Ricki And The Flash Sony $7,000,000 1,603 4,366 $7,000,000
8 Trainwreck Universal $6,274,625 2,525 2,485 $91,076,455
9 Pixels Sony $5,430,000 2,864 1,895 $57,645,304
10 Southpaw The Weinstein Company $4,764,000 2,274 2,094 $40,725,841
11 Shaun The Sheep Movie Lionsgate $4,000,000 2,320 1,724 $5,571,338
12 Inside Out Disney $2,689,000 1,358 1,980 $335,375,150