Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #08 Anime Review

Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #08 Anime Review Vegas, baby!

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With the show having brought together a good bit of the cast in the previous episode after gearing things up with the whole Vegas trip idea, we get a quick reoslution, at least for the short term as Ruri is almost kidnapped. It’s a difficult situation for her to deal with in a way because of how she gets rescued as she’d almost rather be kidnapped than rescued in the way that she was. But as we see, the whole thing is something of a sham that she’s orchestrating under some form of guidance from her mother, which finally expands to some of what her real goal is. But while we’ve had some mild hints at best earlier about all of this, it just feels forced after all that’s been said and done that we’re just now starting to get more of the real story.

Because of all of this, we see how Ruri ends up creating her own kidnapping in the end and gets herself out to Vegas in order to draw Nagi out to deal with it. Her way of doing it is quite obvious and you really want it to be intentional as her way of softening the blow a bit, making them aware that she knows that it’s just so obvious that there’s no need to hide it. The reactions by Hayate and Nagi are priceless, but they pale to where the show shifts later to the two of them plus Maria being in the bank vault and having Maria’s skirt blown high, repeatedly. It’s silly, stupid little fanservice but it’s something that definitely works to lighten the mood and actually provide a welcome and amusing moment.

Putting our cast in Vegas definitely makes for some fun that I was looking forward to seven episodes ago, especially since they get separated quickly and Hayate is completely lost and without even his phone. It’s standard fish out of water material in a way with some hilariously done English voice work as well. The show does some good stuff design wise in giving us a look at Vegas with some of the iconic landmarks making an appearance all while poor and almost pitiful Hayate wanders about. Of course, the separation between him and the two ladies is done for comical effect and we get a curve thrown with the arrival of Nishizawa, who Hayate then ties to the Black Chamelia being introduced in this episode. It’s not a surprise, but the show continues to just force square pegs into round holes episode after episode.

In Summary:
Finally, finally getting the gang off to Vegas gives us a chance for something new here. As Nagi says, they haven’t been overseas since Mykonos and most of the show takes place in very familiar surroundings episode after episode. While it’s not going to do anything new for a bit until it really deals with what Ruri is up to, putting us somewhere different for awhile for everyone involved gives the show a bit of a fresh life, even though it’s not really one. Having them all uncertain of their surroundings, separated and causing more confusion definitely makes for some cute bits and even some trademark Nagi misunderstanding complete with violence. The smiles and laughs are few and far between here and again and even then they’re a bit forced.

Grade: C

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