Encouragement Of Climb Episode #07 Anime Review

Encouragement Of Climb Episode #07 Anime Review

Encouragement Of Climb Episode 7

With the new trip picked out, it’s time to gear up!

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With the decision made to go to Mt. Takao, the girls are now in the next phase of preparation by trying to figure out what they need. Clothes are all set since it’s not an intense hike, but we do see that Aoi isn’t completely prepared as she needs a good pack in order to handle the trip. That means shopping time again, which is always fun in this series. The explanations are simple but decent and it shows the usual routine where Aoi has difficult in making a decision, but also just in interacting with other people as the shopkeep is friendly, something she’s not used to. The process is about as you’d expect but it’s done nicely and you see more of the bond that exists between the two girls as Hinata really does help her out – and push her forward.

In Summary:
With the series continuing its run of being simple but story focused, things do move forward here in a way that most short run shows like this rarely do. There’s humor and character development and plot progress that just feels strange to be made in what would normally just be a gag comedy. I’ve gotten so used to seeing those kinds of shows that getting something softer, enjoyable and friendly with a story just comes across as more unique than it should. But the show does just stand out all on its own and is a lot of fun, making me look forward to when it can be watched as a whole and tell a story from start to finish.

Grade: B-

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