From The New World Episode #03 Anime Review

From The New World Episode #03 Anime Review The latest activity for the kids may lead them to something completely unexpected.

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With the show set in a very different time period, even if it does feel more like the past than the future, it’s doing a good job of bringing us into the loop with some of the ideas behind these time periods. While we get most of the material taking place a thousand years from now, it also has a fascination with the 500-600 time period ahead, showing us a few different stories and mythologies from that time that are certainly instructive. Seeing the action and morality tales from there works well as a grounding to what may be told to the children centuries from there about how to live and what influenced their own history.

With this episode, the show slows down, which is saying a lot considering what it’s been like so far. While the second episode had some action and exploration of powers with the competition they had, here it’s taking the next step in the education that the kids are getting by sending them off on the river in teams to do some boating and camping. There’s obviously some danger to it on some level, but it’s pretty laid back and offers the group to have some fun, stories and general dialogue by the fireside when they camp along the river at night. The main takeaway you get from this initially as that these kids are pretty comfortable in nature and do well with what they’re supposed to be doing. But it’s the stories that are the real fun here as they tell different variations on things.

The show spends a lot of its time there and even with a little montage of other fun camping stuff, but it also gets a bit more serious when some hypnosis comes into play with a creature that manages to throw off its human curiosity seekers in this manner. There’s a trick to avoiding part of it, but it just encourages the kids to use their Power more to go after the creature and others, showing us just how well they use nature to achieve their goals. The creature is far different from what one might imagine though, both in appearance and some of the truth, as it looks to be part of something much larger that’s been hidden from view from the audience, if not the characters as well. It’s hard to really put it together without seemingly spoiling things, but also because it’s just a tease and a sliver of how this world really works.

In Summary:
Information is power and From The New World looks like it’s about to start introducing real information that may give these kids some real power in the world. The focus has been on their bonding in the Unified Class and doing other activities together such as the boating and camping, but now we’re getting to something that looks like it could – and should – open up a whole new world to them. The characters are still hard to really latch onto as none of them have really felt truly defined and engaging, but as a whole they’re becoming much more interesting to watch now with the events here and where it may actually go. The chance for real background to come in during the next episode is hugely tantalizing, especially with a title of “Bloody History.”

Grade: B

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