Moretsu Pirates Episode #22 Anime Review

Moretsu Pirates Episode #22 Anime Review Nothing puts a little fear into pirates than learning of a pirate hunter out there among the sea of stars.

What They Say:
Pirate crews and ships are being destroyed by an unknown assailant. The Bentenmaru has 20 days until their pirate license expires making this a dangerous time to be pirate. But Captain Marika has a plan up her sleeve.

The Review:
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With the Nebula Cup story being a fun and thankfully short one, Moertsu Pirates shifts gears a bit with this episode in a pretty good way by doing something just a touch more serious. What’s going on this time is definitely a lot more interesting overall as we see another pirate ship, the Silver Fox, being under attack in some mysterious way that ends up with the whole ship destroyed. For Marika and the others, it’s part of a new pattern that’s starting to become evident in that it’s the third instance in the past month and there were five others before that. What this does is to get Marika to ask the right question, namely wondering if there are enough pirates out there to warrant someone becoming a pirate hunter. The answer is surprising in that there are some two hundred pirate fleets out there overall.

Marika takes a pretty proactive approach with her crew as everything gets hashed out and you have to admire her straightforward nature with it. She has a couple of things hanging over her in that there are twenty days until their license expires, she has finals in a month and there is a chance they’ll be attacked based on the ongoing events. Since they have to do some pirating, it’s a matter of just getting out there and getting it all done while trying to do things right by the ship as well. It’s a good plan she comes up with and it’s one that has her doing what needs to be done with no fuss or worries and just accepting that it’s one of the risks that they have to take. It may be a little too matter of fact in some ways, but it sits with her personality very well.

Marika’s plan comes together well after some of the fun on planet as she deals with school and her friends. The idea of hiring themselves out as guard duty, from a distance, to other pirates makes sense as a way to achieve their work they need to renew their license but also to make sure they get either a safe journey or figure out who it is that’s hunting them. It’s kind of win win, except for the fact that the pirate hunter could be a significant threat. This also gets us a chance to see some more of other pirates, which has been rare overall. But what it really does is allow us some very fun space battle sequence material as it goes on and we get the first look at the enemy, which is bringing something very different to the table

In Summary:
While it takes a bit to get there in this episode, the space side of the story is definitely something I wish we had more of in the series. I wasn’t exactly looking for constant pirating, but there was less going on here than I thought there would be. So getting back to some of that and an interesting situation that’s unfolding is pretty welcome. The stakes are rising well here and we see how Marika handles it from the start, both in the way to achieve multiple goals and to deal with the threat that’s out there, but it’s something that really is different from what they’ve all seen before. Something that looks like it could change the dynamic of what it means to be a pirate, unless it’s all en elaborate trick. There’s a lot to like here and as much as I enjoy the series as a whole, I wish we had more of this.

Grade: B

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