‘Devilman Saga’ Manga Announced

‘Devilman Saga’ Manga Announced

At 69, Go Nagai is definitely a name and force all unto himself and that shows no signs of slowing down. The Go Nagai brand is also strong as it serves a part of the market that tends to get little attention in general and even less when it comes to bringing those works to life in anime form. According to the Japanese Big Comic site, they’ve updated to reveal some new works coming to the magazine which includes a new Go Nagai work called Devilman Saga. This comes after the Devilman G manga completed earlier this year and a few other books that have run their course from the production that he runs with a number of assistants. Thee’s no details as to what the new series is about at this time other than that it will start in the December 25th issue.

Big Comic is also launching several other new series in the magazine in the coming months with a couple that have started this month, as noted by ANN :

  • Kogane no Rough II ~Sōta no Koi~ (Rough Gold II ~Sōta’s Love~) by Tsuyoshi Nakaima(Ucchare Goshogawara) premiered in this year’s 20th issue on October 10.
  • Ichimatsu Torimonochō (Checkered Detective Story) by Fujihiko Hosono (Crusher Joe, Sasuga no Sarutobi) premiered in the 21st issue on October 25.
  • Isha o Mitara Shinigami to Omoe (When I See a Doctor I Think of a God of Death) by Mitsuo Hashimoto (Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime) with supervision by Makoto Kondō and based on an original story by Kunihiko Yokomizo will premiere in the 22nd issue on November 10
  • Subarashikikana Jinsei (A Wonderful Life) by Shō Wakasa based on an original story byMasahito Kagawa and Masaki Kitahara will premiere in the 23rd issue on November 25
  • An untitled work by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Zipang, Silent Service) and journalist Osamu Eya will premiere in the 24th issue on December 10.