Is This A Zombie? Of The Dead Episode #02 Anime Review

Is This A Zombie? Of The Dead Episode #02 Anime Review Ayumu gains some unwelcome fame and has a hard time really dealing with it.

What They Say:
With Mystletainn unable to erase anyone’s memories, they still remember the events of the day before, thrusting unwelcome attention upon Ayumu. Tomonori invites Ayumu to go up into the mountains, to get away from the commotion and do some stargazing.

The Review:
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One of the things that has been mildly annoying about series like this and other magical girl shows is just how oblivious everyone can be, and the cheap out of using magic to erase memories. As we see here, after the big events that put Ayumu out in the public eye in the previous episode, putting that genie back in the bottle is a no go. So with people’s memories unable to be erased, he’s now finding himself in a lot of complicated situations. With a lot of what happened before happening out of sight, and often at night, you can see how things could be hidden. But with this performance, Ayumu’s been outed in a couple of ways considering how much photographic evidence there was, a nice nod to reality.

Because of this fallout, life at school is a particular hell since everyone has the pictures, the magazines and the questions about what happened. What ends up saving him after some struggles is that of Tomonori as she invites him up to the mountains for some time away. While normally he would just refuse about going stargazing, he sees this as an ideal situation, though Euclid mocks him about going hermit. Of course, while he intends to head up there with just Tomonori, the others end up tagging along as something to do and just because it seems like Ayumu is just a trouble magnet and they’d best be around. Plus, they get the bonus of actually doing some stargazing outside of the city.

Of course, the time in the mountains isn’t all fun and things just get kind of weird, and fun, as there are small “attacks” along the way, such as a mass of bees that comes flying at them. Haruna’s priceless during this as she uses Ayumu as her shield – a flying shield no less – and just goes crazy with it. Thankfully, these bits aren’t the overwhelming aspect of the episode as it focuses more on the light interplay between the characters, particularly with making Tomonori feel more like one of the group. It’s simplistic to be sure, but there’s a softening of things between them all that wasn’t there before that helps to make her not quite so brusque at times and it helps to make the rest of them also seem not so superior and standoffish.

In Summary:
The second episode does a good job of following up on the fallout from the first and changing things at least a little bit when it comes to how Ayumu is publicly viewed. It’s the kind of welcome change, one that’s obviously not dealt with realistically here though, since it puts a new kind of pressure on Ayumu and those that are close to him. While a lot of the middle of the episode is kind of mellow and simple, I really enjoyed the bookends aspect of it that dealt with the situation that Ayumu finds himself in with all the pictures and video that was taken and how he’s now being viewed. It may not have a big long term impact, but in the short term it’s just the right kind of silly fun.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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